Visionary Vultures Enamel Pin Collection

Created by Foxfeather Zenkova - Foxloft Studios & Conservancy via Kickstarter

A stunning collection of pins celebrating the New World vulture family and supporting awareness of endangered vulture conservation. **Everything in this shop is in stock and shipping daily.** Orders will usually be shipped within 5-7 days of when the order is charged. **Pins from Visionary Vultures 2 (our expanded collection) are now available at: ** Purchasing items from this store directly supports our work in wildlife rehabilitation and vulture conservation - you can learn more at You can see more of Foxfeather's artwork at: UK/Great Britain orders will be charged VAT and will be sent pre-paid for orders under £135, as per the 2021 changes requiring the seller to submit VAT fees.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Small Update - Addresses Locking Down / Pin shipping info
over 2 years ago – Sat, Dec 05, 2020 at 11:20:08 PM

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First batch of pins are on their way to me! Orders locking - check delivery addresses
over 2 years ago – Tue, Nov 24, 2020 at 04:42:19 PM

Silver/Grey Raven pins - Photo from manufacturer

I am excited to announce that the first half of the pin shipment has left the manufacturer and is on its way to me, the second is schedule to be sent this Friday (the 27th). 

Since pins are on their way to me now, I have set orders to lock down via Backerkit. If there's anything else you wanted to add to your order, please do that today, after locking they can no longer be changed:

Next week I will lock down delivery addresses; you will get an email with 48 hour notice on that, but if your address has changed recently or you want to send things directly as gifts to other people, please make sure your delivery address is correct so that I can get your order to the right place :) 

The pins have actually been ready for a little while now, but due to a Covid resurgence both in the US and China, many cargo flights have been cancelled, delayed, or rescheduled.  I have heard some horror stories about people who ordered pins in July and August that are still waiting on getting them, but thankfully my manufacturer has been working hard to keep things as on schedule as possible. If there are no delays in customs I should get the pins around the end of this month or beginning of December, and the second batch with the rest of the designs is schedule to arrive around Dec. 11th. 

The first batch of pins includes:

1- Black Vulture

2- Yellow-headed Vulture

3- California Condor

4 - American Kestrel

5 - Grey/Silver Raven

6 - Gold/Color Raven

7 - American Goldfinch

8 - Flamingo

9 - California Condor (Necklace)

10 - Bearded Vulture (Necklace)

11 - Barn Owl (Earrings)

12 - Black Vulture (Earrings)

As soon as the pins arrive I will begin sorting and shipping orders and will update here with progress. Orders which include only the items above will ship first, but as soon as I get the remainder (all other designs) I will go back to shipping in order of when they were received and work my way through. as quickly as possible. It will take me some time to get through all 2600 shipments but I will be working on it more than full time until everything is out. 

Here are a few of the custom framed originals, ready to go off to their new homes!  Of this group only the Cape Griffon Vulture is still available (along with Flamingo, Goldfinch, and Kingfisher), so if you are interested this is your chance to snag one of the remaining original paintings before they are gone.  I also still have prints, which look spectacular framed and hung, you can add those to your order at:

That's it for now as I get ready for a flurry of packing! It's so hard to wait to have these in hand, I'm super excited!

Pin Production Update!
over 2 years ago – Thu, Nov 12, 2020 at 11:14:48 AM

Sev, one of our ambassador birds, posing with the yellow-headed vulture sticker he inspired

I just heard back from the manufacturers, they said that 6 of the pin designs are finished and they plan to send the first batch of 6-10 designs on Nov. 20th, then the rest on Nov. 27th. Shipping by air to me should take about a week; barring delays in customs (which apparently is a hit-or-miss problem right now, as customs offices are very behind. I'm not sure what is their criteria for just sending things through or holding them, so I just have to cross my fingers and hope that once in transit they arrive promptly).

Hopefully I will have some pins in hand by the end of the month and the rest in early December so that I can meet the projected shipping estimate of December. I have all the shipping supplies ready and organized so that once pins arrive to me I can get them out to you as quickly as possible! I will keep everyone updated once they've shipped and I've got a more firm arrival date. 

If you have anything you'd like to add to your order, you can access the store and your pledge at : - I will be locking orders once I get confirmation of the pins shipping, so you won't be able to make changes after that (in a week or two). You will still be able to change your shipping address, if necessary, and I will send out 48 hour notices before I lock shipping addresses once I have the pins in hand.  If you have recently moved, please take a moment to check that your shipping address is correct! 

Due to Covid, I will be doing all the packing and shipping myself; I will work in batches in order that people pledged and get as many out each day as I can. An email with the tracking information for each package will be sent to the email you have on file for Backerkit, so you may want to check that is updated as well, especially anyone using Facebook or Apple ID to log in to Kickstarter, a lot of people have had trouble getting updates to those emails. 

I will keep in touch and share photos of the pins once I have them, and let people know here as well when I begin mass shipping of pin orders! All the sticker-only orders have shipped, but any that are waiting on pins will go out when the pins arrive. 

Thank you again for your support, I am getting really excited as the date draws nearer for the pins to be sent to everyone, I can't wait for you to get them! 

More final pin photos and all stickers have arrived!
over 2 years ago – Thu, Oct 29, 2020 at 06:05:00 PM

A last call - if you haven't filled out your survey, please do so now. You can find your survey it at - please feel free to contact me if you're having any trouble. If you're worried about your address changing before shipping, don't fret - I will announce here and also send emails 48 hours before shipping begins so you have the chance to update your information if necessary before addresses lock down.

Black vulture pin!
King vulture pin!

All the pins are now approved and in production, so I'm just waiting for the notification (hopefully within the next few weeks) that they are ready to be shipped to me! When they are, I will lock down orders on Backerkit and prepare to get them all out to you.  If there are any other pins or stickers you'd like to add on to your order, you can access your survey at to do so, they will make great, unique gift items - they aren't available anywhere except through me directly.

All the stickers have arrived, 15,000 of them - weighing in at over 66lbs!

I am beginning to ship the sticker-only orders this week! If you need to change your shipping address, please do that now through Backerkit. If you ordered just stickers those should be arriving to you soon (if you ordered stickers with pins or other items they will ship altogether when the pins are here).  They look *amazing* and they are huge.  

I'm working on putting together all the sticker packs for the pledges so that they'll be all set to add in quickly and not delay shipping times.  I've been taking some Zoom classes (this one is in Raptor Rehabilitation) at night, so I can put together packs while attending class and it's a win-win!

We also just got in these amazing, shiny gold foil stickers which will be customizing the boxes for full pin sets (and larger pin orders), they turned out really beautiful!

Tag once worn by California condor Puff Daddy, before it was replaced

I want to share the love and support I have gotten with other vulture organizations doing amazing work, so here is one of the donations I have made so far, to Ventana Wildlife Society in their efforts to save the California Condor.  The recent, devastating wildfires in California destroyed the Big Sur condor sanctuary and I wanted to be able to help towards their rebuilding efforts.  If you would like to learn more about the fire, and their work, you can find them here:

I have been meeting with local builders about finalizing details for our new wildlife rehabilitation building, we hope to be able to break ground in January or February! Most of the construction will be able to be done over the winter here (which in Minnesota can be.. fierce), but we will have to wait until spring to finish the concrete and get it functional. This building, and my current full time work in rehabilitation and rescue efforts, are directly possible thanks to all the incredible sponsors here through Kickstarter and Patreon.  If you haven't joined us already and you're interested in learning more about my work or following along with the progress, please check out 

Thank you again for your pledge, I can't wait to get these pins out to you! I will be in touch again when we have more news to share, hopefully about pins being on their way to me here mid-November!

First pin samples photos are in!
over 2 years ago – Mon, Oct 12, 2020 at 10:50:49 PM

If you haven't answered your survey yet, please do that ASAP! If you wait any longer it is likely your rewards will get delayed, I need to know what items you want to account for them. You can find your survey at - please feel free to contact me if you're having any trouble!

Cape Griffon Vulture

After weeks of back and forth with the manufacturers, doing color proofings, I've started getting photos of the finished sample pins and they are *amazing*!!  Over half the designs are now cleared for mass production (which takes a bit over a month, then time for shipping) so things are on track time-wise.  I anticipate there could be potential delays during production, depending on how quickly they can be made (the process takes at least a week in the various stages, and some parts are done or adjusted by hand) but so far things have been going smoothly, and I will keep you updated as we progress towards getting these out to everyone!

Red-Tailed Hawk

I have also gotten the first sticker proofs back and have made the order for the rest of the designs (15,000 stickers!). Those should arrive to me within the next two weeks, as soon as I have them I'll start sending out the pledges which were for stickers only. Stickers and sticker packs that were purchased along with pins will be shipping with the pins when those arrive. I'll post photos when I get the rest of them in. :) 

Goldfinch sticker

Thank you again for your patience in waiting while all the pins are being made, I can't wait to get them and share them with all of you!